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Why Should You Make Your Own BBQ Sauce At Home?

Do you have your own BBQ sauce? Maybe a family recipe that never fails when it's time to get out the grill? If not, you might want to consider making your own. There are many benefits to making your own signature sauce. It's easy, healthier than most store bought options & you can customize it to suit your, and your families' tastes. With this article you'll learn why having your own customized sauce is a good idea, plus get the recipe for a starter sauce & learn a secret to excellent flavor blending.Store bought sauces - sugar overload!Have you looked at the ingredient list of a store bought or name brand/mainstream BBQ sauce lately? Where you might expect tomato paste or roasted red peppers, you'll usually find high fructose corn syrup. Sometimes corn syrup is even the first ingredient...and these aren't necessarily the "sweet" style sauces. Hotter & savory sauces can also contain a surprising & unnecessary amount of sugars. If you check "honey BBQ" , you'll almost never find real honey. Whe...


Can Spicing Up Your Food Help You Lose Weight?

Can spicing up your food with hot peppers really help you lose weight?With capsaicin as your spice of choice, it just might! Capsaicin is the chemical found in peppers that makes them taste hot. The more capsaicin in a pepper, the hotter it is said to taste. This chemical is actually created by pepper plants to discourage mammals from eating them. Most mammals don't enjoy the spicy taste, but if you do, you're in luck. (and even if you don't like to turn up the heat, you can still benefit...just read on)Capsaicin has been the focus of several recent studies in Taiwan and the Netherlands. It isn't surprising to find the pepper a focus of study in Taiwan, as it often shares China's bounty of different types of hot chili peppers, and tasty dishes that put them to great use. The Chung Hsing University doctors discovered that capsaicin can shrink fat cells by tampering with a protein inside them. When eaten, it may even inhibit fat cell formation. Their findings are much more helpful than the rumor that spicy food...


Choosing The Right Kitchen Spice Rack

Kitchen Spice racks come in many varieties and sizes. Not every spice rack for sale will benefit you as a cook. Before spending money on one, make sure you have considered all the options.The most important question to ask yourself is where are you going to put your kitchen spice rack? If it is going to sit on your counter, then look for counter top spice rack models, or commonly referred to as a free standing spice rack. Many people with a lack of counter top space can choose between a wall mountable kitchen spice rack or a hanging spice rack. A wall mountable spice rack can be hung on a wall, in the pantry, or even on the back of a cabinet door to preserve space. If you cook regularly you will want your spice rack within easy reach so having it in an easy accessible area is a must. Hanging spice racks usually attach underneath the wall cabinets and hang down below, still leaving you area underneath it to store other items.Another thing to think about when selecting a spice rack is what type of material you ...


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